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Chocolate Pudding Love Layout

This layout is part of Neskaya.Net, cute web design resource. This is probably one of the few times you'll see Neskaya layouts distributed outside of Neskaya.Net. The images used in the design are from SmileScan. Except the strawberry, that's my pixel, haha. Please read my terms of use before downloading the layout, mmk? The important thing is to remember not to tamper with my credits - they're only at the bottom of the page and really tiny, so it's not asking a lot.

Download the Layout

You can use the CreateBlog code or you can download the layout. To download, you must be registered and logged in at the forums. While you're there, won't you drop in and say hi if you've found the site helpful at all? We love to make new friends. Anyway, once you're logged in, you'll be able to download the layout:

Download the Layout

Thank you and have a good day. There's a readme file in the download that shows you how to change everything you need in the layout. Go back to Neskaya.Net for more resources?

Love, Strawbee ♥

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